Urban Rest Stops

I have been thinking that this would be awesome for the homeless since they are banned from sleeping outside. They have limited places to keep their possessions. They have limited places to shower and use bathrooms. If I could help, I would find an efficient way to store personal belongs, a public restroom which included showers.

Saint Frances has an efficient way to exchange clothing, do chores twice a day. You can shower and use the restrooms too! This is a day shelter but most day shelters are strategically placed to keep the homeless away from most people. A traveling shower and restroom on certain days would make it more convenient. The traveling laundry trucks are the most ingenious idea I have heard of. What if there were a traveling restroom and shower during those days too, then the homeless could get all of those basic needs met.

I have found that people are scared of the homeless, but they do not understand that most of them have mental issues which cause them to not bath or work on their conditions. Some will recognize their issues and start to work on them as they are on their way to not being homeless but most will stay homeless because they can not see what is happening to them.

I hope for the homeless sake that they may get some urban rest stops to help them deal with their situation. Please comment with your thoughts!


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Denver Government Trying to Throw People in Jail for Survival Ban via Probation 

This would be easy to avoid if the city of Denver would have a small lot for the winter set up for the “Camping Ban” to avoid court fees and money/time wasted. The Tiny Homes community will help some but there should be a small lot just for the winter in every city just for the winter.

Denver Homeless Out Loud

Denver Government Trying to Throw People in Jail for Survival Ban via Probation

When: August 24th 2017 at 8:30am

Where: Lindsey Flanagan Court House (520 W Colfax Ave, Denver CO 80204)

On August 24th 2017 at 8:30am Terese Howard will go to court to face a sentencing of 30 days in jail for the urban survival ban (otherwise known as “camping ban”). On April 5th 2017 Jerry Burton, Randy Russell, and Terese Howard were found guilty of surviving in public after a high profile 3 day trial with a jury that said things like “Why are we prosecuting people for being homeless?” and “I’ll bear a sense of guilt in prosecuting them,” and where the city prosecution said “you know it is illegal to survive in Denver.” For Terese, however, this was not the end of sentencing for this “crime” of lying in a sleeping bag as she was…

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