A Challenge

I heard a story about a woman named Lassie. She was a 40-year-old woman who was married with three children. Lassie mother was sick with cancer and was dying. She quit her job to start taking care of her mother. Lassie was suffering from mental conditions and was starting to get bored with the life she was living taking care of her mother. One day she decided to go to the store and as she was leaving the store she saw an older woman leaving the store and needed help loading her car. So Lassie asked the lady can I assist you with loading your car and the lady stated yes you can do this every week. So Lassie started helping this woman every week with loaner car with groceries and then figured out why was this lady always loading her car with groceries. So, one day she asks the lady what is all this food for. The lady stated that the food was for a food pantry that was created to help feed the homeless and that a lot of people were getting the food for food banks/pantries this food away.