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I just read an article on how someone made money by standing in line. I would love to start something like that in my area. Concert lines are long but it might help in some ways. There are people who are to busy to stand in lines and now there are people who will do it for you. This is the first time ever, I have heard of this.

This article called “Meet the New York City Dudes Who Will Wait in Line So You Don’t Have to“, published in The Penny Hoarder.  I thought this article was an inspiration to all work from home entrepreneurs. I am sure this gave this person a great start.

His name is Robert Samuel who was fired and fired from a customer service position at a cell phone company and decided to fill a need. His company is called, Same Ole Line Dudes, LLC. New York is a large city with lots of people with limited time and he helped them with the long lines. I would love to assist people with a need here in Denver but at least this story gave me inspiration.

Assault Spy June Update To Early Access Details And Screenshots

The looks like a cool game.


Assault Spy Update June 18Assault Spy has some more fresh updates in its Early Access phase! More information can be found at the full blog post. Here are some snapshots featuring a new area, new enemies, and more!

New Area: Executive Area
After completing the Back Lot stage, a new stage known as the Executive Area opens. Here, you will find the final boss, and even more enemies that will stand in your way! Are you ready to take them on?

New Feature: Redo Functionality
Didn’t like your performance from your last checkpoint? Redo it! This function allows for players to restart their playthrough from the most recent checkpoint. Nab those SSS scores and kick some Officer butt! You will also be able to skip cutscenes now, as well.

New Feature: Cleared Game! 
All right! Congrats! When you clear the game, you’ll get a nice little star (★) next to your save file…

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Dead Or Alive 6 E3 2018 Information, Over 30 Images And Trailer

These fighting games are getting more detailed than ever.



Iconic Fighting Franchise, DEAD OR ALIVE,
Returns In Early 2019
Witness DOATEC’s Greatest Showdown to Date; DEAD OR ALIVE 6,
on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via STEAM
Los Angeles – June 11, 2018 – Team NINJA is proud to announce the triumphant return of the celebrated DEAD OR ALIVE fighting game franchise with DEAD OR ALIVE 6, currently in development for PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and digitally on Windows PC via Steam®. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the developer revealed that aspiring fighters will be able to experience the sixth DEAD OR ALIVE World Combat Championship in Early 2019; and every fight will be presented in amazing detail, allowing fans to discern intricate facial expressions unparalleled to those seen in previous entries in the series.
The DEAD OR ALIVE Tournament Executive Committee and hosts of DEAD OR ALIVE 6, DOATEC, already released the names of the first…

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Hippity-Hop Inspirational Music – Don’t Knock It – It’s Going Nowhere — Life, As Kevy Michaels

Initially, I was not a big fan of hip hop influenced inspirational music. I am from the old school. I feel that gospel should have dramatic organ solos, anointed screaming, artists profusely dripping sweat, and joyful noise driving the Holy Ghost dance. That has changed. It seems this new genre, within a genre, is exploding […]

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Fire Pro Wrestling World “Fighting Road” Story Mode Screens & Pre-Order NJPW Bonus Almanac

Gaming is pretty cool, even as an adult.



I’m excited as a wrestling and video game fanatic to give you this new information and screens on Fire Pro WrestlingWorld. Just announced NJPW will also be a big part of the pre-orders and first prints of the North American version of Fire Pro WrestlingWorld. This is huge when you add in the new NJPW story mode, Fighting Road, which we have new screens of now. Get all the info and screens below.

fire pro wrestling world story expository screenshots adg antdagamer njpw kenny omega hiroshi tanashi (1)LONG BEACH, CA, MARCH 31, 2018 — It’s almost time for the championship title match! Fire Pro Wrestling World™ arrives on the PlayStation®4 system for North America on August 28! The first-print run will include a New Japan Pro Wrestling Bonus Almanac. Supplies are limited, so pre-order today!

The Fire Pro Wrestling World website is now live and fully updated! Visit the official site here.

fire pro wrestling world story expository screenshots adg antdagamer njpw kenny omega hiroshi tanashi (2)About Fire Pro Wrestling World


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