Sunday Crime

I started my day with exercise and walking around the neighborhood. I liked the music I had been listening to and decided to keep listening while I cool down from the walk. I grabbed some ice from the nearby 7-eleven and was sitting down when I saw a Lakewood police about to turn the corner. There was a woman with her dog panhandling on the median on Sheridan Blvd. The police officer stopped in the left lane to give her a ticket. Although, in the end, he just warned her that to move. Afterward, he parked in the 7-eleven parking area and talked with a co-worker by his car.

panhandle median

After the girl got out of the street, I saw a van pull up in the 7-eleven gas area. Two kids, a tall teenager and an elementary student, got out and went to the light signal and started cleaning the tag writing off. Whatever type of cleanser they had, must be very potent because when they sprayed it once and wiped it away within minutes. There was no logo on the van and the kids had on regular clothes. I was very impressed with the fact that there are people driving around cleaning up the tagging around the neighborhood.

Tag Remover

Just before I left that area, I saw a Volkswagen Bus which reminded me of the California days of driving my bus. My bus was named ladybug. It had a red body, with black accents. I remember driving it while I was pregnant with my first child. I loved all the VW’s that were in my life, like my very first one which was a baby blue Rabbit, plus I had a champaign colored Karmann Ghia. I loved traveling with the sound of the engines that sounded like a bird tweeting.

Old VW Bus

I posted this blog to create a milestone of some of the things I see at any given day. Sometimes my days are full of more incredible things but this was some things that people in my area might find important. Please feel free to comment below or share with others. Thanks for stopping by.

My Hero One’s Justice Story Mode: No. 1 – 4 | ADG Plays

I love this game review I would love to see some gameplay.


#MyHerosOneJustice#MyHeroAcademia#NoCommentary#ADGPlays Story No. 1 through 4 as we begin a game and anime that’s very dear to my heart.

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Trying to Be A Gamer


I am 47 years old and used to play video games all the time. I haven’t played with a console in 8 years but I play apps and some PC games through Steam. Now I have bought a PS3 and a few games. I want to join a community and learn more about the games. I hope that I will not get another illness from this since they are saying there is a new condition called, Video Gamer Disorder . I also want to share some of my experiences with you guys. I want to be a gamer.

I was raised in a family of tech savvy game related members. My father was a technical guy. He would tinker on his car but he was fascinated with computers. My mother was the original gamer, now 76. She started us with board games and moved us into the video game world. She plays games mostly on her tablets but she just got back into her Super NES. My sister is the least gamer of us all. She will play some games on her phone, on her tablet, or watch my mom. She has a laptop, tablet and smart gear but doesn’t stay on them. My brother, he is the oldest, he has a console and laptop. He prefers Linux as his OS and plays games there too. He watches YouTubers play and he can spend hours playing on his Xbox 360. My poor niece is born into this family with old smartphones to play with, several tablets herself, iPad from school, and is curious about gaming. I hadn’t realized how connected we are to technology and games until I told some that they don’t have to be afraid because my mom is old and she can do it.

I , for the most part, love technology! I started in my late teens working with MS Dos and Word Perfect. I got my first desktop when Win 3.1 was out. I installed my on CD drive and was hooked. I started gaming on there but still playing on consoles. I kept up with each new version of several consoles until the PS2, Game Cube, and Xbox. After that I got lost in my emotions issues. Yes, I still played games on my phone but I didn’t know what was happening to me. I got a laptop and played some basic online games but nothing big. After I moved into my place, I tried streaming with Steam on YouTube. YouTube was hard to master and I got discouraged. Now I got a new computer cable for recording game play. I also have a PS3 with a few games that are modern but I will need to spend more time with it if I want to be watchable and look like I know what I am doing. Gaming after such a long time away can be frustrating.

I am trying to write about things I hear, I experience, and things that I find fascinating. Hope you will sop by to read more. Please comment, share thoughts, feel free to share with others.

Women Empowered

people sitting beside brown wooden desk near flat screen tv
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Here is a post from my other blog: Women Employment Support.

I was trying to list different things to help women struggling with coming from ground zero. I started off homeless but I haven’t lived a life with the revolving door of incarceration. I know there are women struggling with drug addiction and much more. I hope this will help a step in the right direction.

Please feel free to comment below or on the other blog with more information and comments. Thanks for reading.

WWE 2K19 ADG Universe Ex Episode 1: Rebirth Premiere

I saw something about this on his Twitch channel #AntDaGamerADG. I love watching his videos.


Here’s part one and two of WWE 2K19 ADG Universe Ex Episode 1 Season 1 “Rebirth Premiere”. I had some difficulty so this is a two part series. I’m well aware this went live over a week ago but I never archived it here. Prepare for two more post on WWE 2K19 ADG Universe Ex today. Enjoy!


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Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash MegaBundle Week 1 Awakening DLC Preview Showcase & Gameplay

This is a great post about gaming.


They say better late than never, and that’s exactly why I’m previewing Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash’s DLC. This game is definitely under-rated. So when I was thinking of things to cover that are good and fun that haven’t been on people’s radar, I immediately thought of this game. My longtime supporters and friends at X-Seed have given me a few DLC Bundles to create content for and critique. I’m starting with the week 1 MegaBundle featuring Awakening characters but I have more to come!

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WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: The Realest A.J. Kirsch Interview

via WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: The Realest A.J. Kirsch Interview

I love the interviews from #AntDaGamer because he brings a professional twist with a gamer point of view. I can’t wait to see more from h.