Holidays for the Homeless, Disabled, and Mental.


There are so many things happening. One of the biggest is this Project Homeless Connect: Denver. This is the Thanksgiving event. They provided haircuts, clothing, food, and much more yearly. They use our convention center because it is large enough to house homeless and low-income families that need assistance as well.

I went to a local one in my neighborhood at the local EZ Pawn. They had hygiene packs, hot drinks, and food, plus clothing. Last year I was able to get a pair of snow boots that are still working this year. This year and the previous ones, I grabbed some hoodies and clothes for the winter. I can’t always afford clothes but most importantly, I have friends that are in more need than I. This is one of my favorite events for Thanksgiving.

There are two more events that are important to people who are in need. There is a shoe drive outside of the Denver Rescue Mission. I am not sure what day it happens but lots of people show up and get shows for the winter or just better shoes. The other event is the coat drive called Coats for Colorado provided by Dependable Cleaners.

Christmas has lots of things as well. There is this big event downtown at the Civic Center Park where you can get a winter coat, sleeping bag, hot drinks in line, and much more. They do this on the day of Christmas as well. All around the downtown area they will dinners served from local business to provide for the homeless and low-income families.

There are plenty of people around the Denver Metro Area driving around giving holiday cheer by providing money, clothes, gift cards, and whatever they can. I suggest that we all provide this kind of love for someone this year. I have a list of people but I have limited means. I will give where ever and whenever I can.

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New Character NiCO, La Mariposa And Kokoro And More Revealed In New Trailer

via New Character NiCO, La Mariposa And Kokoro And More Revealed In New Trailer

I love how this content provider displays the game. First, he shows the new features for this new version of the game. Second, he mentions the additions to the game. Finally, he posts a trailer for you to see on your own. This is an awesome post. I rely on these posts to keep me up to date in the gaming world. I have been following #AntDaGamer for years because of the quality work he provides. He is a dedicated content provider.

The game is pretty good. I love the characters and their costumes. I am still warming up to the anime type games but they more he posts the more I will adjust. This looks like a street fighter type game with plenty of background information. The side scenes give you some story to understand the reasons for the fights. The graphics look wonderful and the movements flawless. All in all, I would think this is a game that is worth trying for any gamer.

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Air BNB Travelers

I started the day with running errands and ran into a few people that was currently using the #airbnb for a place to stay. One was a South American sounding individual. He said him and his wife was paying monthly about $600 for rent. They said it was way cheaper than renting. They started with traveling with it but now they are just living here in Denver paying these prices. I think it would be cool to rent out a room or a place without a major lease.

The second person was young and decided to travel while he was young. His destination is Las Vegas but for now he his going from place to place. He started in California then used AirBnb there then traveled by bus to Phoenix, Arizona. He stayed with his grandparents but moved to an Airbnb paying weekly rates. He then traveled to Denver to try things here for a while. He lost his ID and had to revert to day labor as a form of income to pay for his place to stay for the week. Once he has acquired his identification he will then travel to Las Vegas use AirBnB again until he gets a job and permanent housing.

The third person I met was and older one on the bus traveling to her home. She said that after she retired from her job, she decided to travel around the world. She used planes, trains, buses, and AirBnb to live. She said she used her Social Security Income to do this and she wants to write a book about her travels. She said it was going to be called a face looking adventure not Facebooking because the traveling was making her look at people faces and talking to them. Not the opposite which was looking at faces on social media and posting messages.

Jump Force Rurouni Kenshin And Customizable Avatar System Preview With Over 40 Images — AntDaGamer.Com

RUROUNI KENSHIN JOINS JUMP FORCE ALONG WITH EXPANDED CUSTOMIZABLE AVATAR SYSTEM New screen shots are now available to download for JUMP FORCE, the massive manga crossover title celebrating the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump, Japan’s influential weekly manga magazine. The new screen shots focus on expanded customization options for the player’s Avatar which gives […]

via Jump Force Rurouni Kenshin And Customizable Avatar System Preview With Over 40 Images — AntDaGamer.Com

There is so much on this game on this guys post. He is awesome at doing reviews.

MissX Ready to School The Rest in SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy!

I love that sailor type outfit. I should try to rock it at least once.


“You…what have you done to me?”

Thanks to someone’s prank, MissX’s appearance has been altered, and she’s forced to fight in SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy. But who is MissX, really? No matter! Focus less on figuring out her true identity and concentrate more on not getting thrashed when MissX enters the arena! Word of advice: Don’t mention anything about the Kyo Kusanagi shirt. 

Along with the release with our newest heroine, a functionality patch is also available that improves the game’s “quality of brawl”!

NA Region:Nintendo Switch Updates:• MissX DLC – 11/14 at 5:00 PM PST• Functionality and Balancing Patch v1.30 – 11/14 at 5:00 PM PSTPlayStation®4 Updates:• MissX DLC – 11/15 at 12:00 PM PST• Functionality and Balancing Patch v1.30 – 11/14 at 5:00 PM PST

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One Piece World Seeker Release Date Trailer And Pre-Orders Announced With New Screenshots

This looks like a good anime game. I know there is a name for this type of gaming, I just don’t know it.



ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER will be available for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC via STEAM®. The new trailer highlights key gameplay features including Luffy’s Gum Gum abilities and Skill Tree upgrades as well as introducing his 4th Gear form: Bound Man. Fans will be able to explore Prison Island with Monkey D. Luffy in this new action-adventure title set for release on March 15, 2019.

A new ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER trailer is now available at the following YouTube address: and above. 


Fans who pre-order ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER will receive a unique side mission that finds Luffy traveling around Prison Island searching for mysterious rocks to obtain rare equipment and materials. Fans will also be able to dress Luffy in exclusive Military and Swim Suit outfits.


The BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Store will be offering the exclusive Gum Gum bundle for ONE PIECE…

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Love Alone Play

I went to this play at a small playhouse or theatre. I now know that I love small ones because they are so up close and personal that it makes you feel like you are there with the actors. I love the setup for this play. They sometimes used to sets at a time. There was also two scenes happening at the same time which made play move more quickly and keep me attentive.

The actors went through the scenes showing us the emotions and prospective of the characters as well as showing two different sides of the equation. The props helped a lot with demonstrations. The actors were awesome. I was very impressed with wardrobe too. The music in the play was perfect and I love the timing of the lights as well. I have been to several different plays but this is the first one presented in this way which I was appreciative of the presentation.

P3D & P5D Demos, Trailers, And Macarons, And Pre-Orders Ohh My

I appreciate the insights share about these games and things. I wish I had more time to play but reading about them helps.


IRVINE, Calif. – November 6, 2018 – Cut a rug with the Persona gang! Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight demos are now available on PlayStation 4 in North America. Ahead of the full games’ December 4 launch, these demos contain four songs each from P3D and P5D, including P3D’s Burn My Dread (Novoiski Remix), Light the Fire Up in the Night, P5D’s Rivers in the Desert (Mito Remix), Blooming Villain, and more, giving players a sample of the full list of catchy tunes.

P3D Demo Page – US PS4

P5D Demo Page – US PS4P5D 1

Additionally, digital pre-orders for each individual title on PlayStation 4, as well as the Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection, are open today on the North American PSN Store. Those who pre-order the digital versions will still receive the same pre-order bonuses as the physical versions. Shinjiro Aragaki will be…

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