What I did: March 12, 2023

I have a few new bracelets that I made. I have been selling these for $7 but I have learned from my friends that I am selling my stuff cheaply.

This is a mix of semi-precious stones, glass, spacers, and metal beads. $10

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I made some scrunchies. This is my second batch so I may wait to raise my prices on these. I am also working on a couple of other things too.

This is a scrunchy. Made of fabric and elastic. I only have dogs and cats. $2

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So, I am learning as a new biz owner, there is a lot to learn. I like selling my therapeutic crafts and seeing where this leads me. I just got a brand-new, to me, sewing machine. It is a Bernina B535. Now I have to insure my biz items, organize my files, and start planning to get my things in order. I probably need bookkeeping software too. I do know that I can do this as a micro/ mini business. I think this may keep me afloat while I get organized.

If you have comments about what you think I should do leave them down below. Also, if you are creative and would love to talk about creativity and it’s therapeutic values. Comment below and thanks for reading.