I am an older woman inspired to not give up on life and to strive in everything I do to achieve my goals. I want a business to run from home. Helping the homeless community in Denver is important to me as well. I like creating videos and blogging about experiences, new information, and lessons learned. I am motivated to put information on the web hoping it will help others.

I am a craftier. I make bags, purses, bookmarks, and more. I do this for therapy but hope to sell some of them when I do. I also like to write. Occasionally, I post little writings and blogs. I hope to one day be an author and see my work being read by other creative people.

I have two beautiful girls that are grown now and I hope they will be the women I know that is within them. I love technology and the outdoors. I am working on improving my health to live as long as possible. Life is worth living and living to the fullest.

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love this about me page. It’s sincere and so full of life. You sound like a genuine person and loving mother. “Life is worth living and living to the fullest.” Words I won’t soon forget. Good luck in all of your great endeavors.

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  2. Hi, I just stumbled across ur blog and found it really interesting.. i am a travel blogger, my next post is about people residing in different parts of the world and their honeymoon destinations..would u like to get featured in my blog?

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