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Turquoisey Mood

Hidden Mood

This is an 8 x 10 mixed-media piece. It has hidden motivational quotes to remind me that I can motivate and choose my mood. I started focusing on the words and thought they needed to be accented but I realize that I am in the control. I was feeling abstract when using my turquoise paint. Finishing this piece gave me confidence.

Moody Funk

This is a 5 x 7overlay of mixed acrylics. I felt like I was tippy-toeing around with the dots. Then I started my funky movement. I then when back with different shades of turquoise. I finalized it with gold accents.

Eggnesty Mood

My favorite size is 11×14, this one has acrylic. I started with colors that may have been used for this series. I change shades as I progressed through the background. I realize that I wanted to create an oval-like shape. I also wanted to tie in some gold. This reminds me of eggs in a nest.

Juneteenth Festival

Here are a couple of the things I sold at the festival. Most of them are under my products page.

Ella Blast

This is an 8×10 print of the original art.

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This is one of four images for my note cards. This is my art print on cards for sale. They are 4 about 4 X 6 in size. Click the link for purchase.

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I learned a lot from this event. You need to keep cash whether you want it or not. Always carry business cards. Also, set up a clear inventory sheet to keep track of sales. Get a better-organized way to display your items. Have a separate storage container for your items. A co-artist suggested, “freeze a bottle of water the night before”, I thought that was helpful too. Then remember that everyone has their own selling style.

ChickenBoyy: The Last of Us Part II

This was streamed last night but I still find it quiet interesting. I saw some new characters and it is worth watching this game play before playing yourself. This is a continues to: The Last of Us Remastered. So I think it is important to start from the beginning.

_Chickenboyy_ has been gaming for sometime now. He has down a few live streams but I think he is trying to make a dent in the live stream realm. He has a few followers but definitely is worth your time. He is pretty good with chat. I am a fan now and will continue posting his content.

Creativity During COVID-19

I have been making masks to sell and pouches. I have been painting and sculpting. I have been trying to keep busy and not think of all the things happening around me which could push me into a deep depression. I am hoping that I can help and inspire others to do things to keep them from insanity.

I have a website for my products that I sell. I haven’t done any marketing because that would mean that I would have to increase my productivity. Also, I am making new things to add all the time. I have a lot of old items that I will start selling. I am going to list my newest item.

I am not sure if anyone cares but I also share here some of my friends blog posts or items there are selling. I need to find more people who want to spend the time creating to ease their troubled heart. Please tell me what you think about my site, products, or how I am doing on this blog.

This is something I wrote in my therapy writing workshop:

Fall Leaves

In the fall the leaves com down and are left behind. We loose loved ones too. Some fall down and are left by the way side. I know it is hard to let the leaves fall where they may but at times we must let them go to prepare for new ones. I know that the same emotions and thought can be applied to our loved ones. Sometimes we loose people due to tragedy or they just move on but if we accept it we can open our hearts for new people that may fill the void or help with the transition. Life is full of disappointments, loss, and new experiences. We can wait for things to happen or we can do nothing and we won’t move forward.


I am trying to support my daughter and other artists of the world.

Xnithi support pages:

I know more but I am trying to post here to get some of their work seen.

Air BNB Travelers

I started the day with running errands and ran into a few people that was currently using the #airbnb for a place to stay. One was a South American sounding individual. He said him and his wife was paying monthly about $600 for rent. They said it was way cheaper than renting. They started with traveling with it but now they are just living here in Denver paying these prices. I think it would be cool to rent out a room or a place without a major lease.

The second person was young and decided to travel while he was young. His destination is Las Vegas but for now he his going from place to place. He started in California then used AirBnb there then traveled by bus to Phoenix, Arizona. He stayed with his grandparents but moved to an Airbnb paying weekly rates. He then traveled to Denver to try things here for a while. He lost his ID and had to revert to day labor as a form of income to pay for his place to stay for the week. Once he has acquired his identification he will then travel to Las Vegas use AirBnB again until he gets a job and permanent housing.

The third person I met was and older one on the bus traveling to her home. She said that after she retired from her job, she decided to travel around the world. She used planes, trains, buses, and AirBnb to live. She said she used her Social Security Income to do this and she wants to write a book about her travels. She said it was going to be called a face looking adventure not Facebooking because the traveling was making her look at people faces and talking to them. Not the opposite which was looking at faces on social media and posting messages.

What I did: March 12, 2023

I have a few new bracelets that I made. I have been selling these for $7 but I have learned from my friends that I am selling my stuff cheaply.

This is a mix of semi-precious stones, glass, spacers, and metal beads. $10

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I made some scrunchies. This is my second batch so I may wait to raise my prices on these. I am also working on a couple of other things too.

This is a scrunchy. Made of fabric and elastic. I only have dogs and cats. $2

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So, I am learning as a new biz owner, there is a lot to learn. I like selling my therapeutic crafts and seeing where this leads me. I just got a brand-new, to me, sewing machine. It is a Bernina B535. Now I have to insure my biz items, organize my files, and start planning to get my things in order. I probably need bookkeeping software too. I do know that I can do this as a micro/ mini business. I think this may keep me afloat while I get organized.

If you have comments about what you think I should do leave them down below. Also, if you are creative and would love to talk about creativity and its therapeutic values. Comment below and thanks for reading.

ADG Plays & Reviews SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake “For The First Time” & Beyond | Parts 1-4

We Love Sponge Bob!


Courtesy of THQ Nordic PR, I play SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake “For The First Time” This series hopefully will cover the entire game and I already gave it a “Just Buy It” Final Review Verdict in Part 2. Find out what all the fuss about while witnessing the game in action, with my first four parts of my walkthrough.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is available for Nintendo Switch™, PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One.

Since its launch on July 17, 1999, SpongeBob SquarePants has reigned as the most-watched animated series for 22 consecutive years, while generating a universe of beloved characters, pop culture catchphrases, and memes, theatrical releases, consumer products, a Tony award-winning Broadway musical and a global fan base. SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the most widely distributed properties in Paramount International history, seen in more than 170 countries, translated in 29+ languages, and averaging more than 100 million total viewers every…

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A House, a Tiny-home, and a Trailer

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I have thought about this a lot, like everyone. I would love a house that my family or friends could live in or stay in if they were in town. I would love to have my own Tiny home for myself for my permanent residence. Finally, I would like a trailer hitch to a 6-cylinder SUV for nationwide travel. I think that would make me completely content.

Let’s start with the house. I have friends and family that travel, and some that can’t afford to live alone. I would love to have at least two temporary spaces for the travelers. One could be an Airbnb and the other just family. I would like four rooms and a full basement. The basement could have a private door for that rental. One of the other four would be the spare room for guests. I could let one relative live rent-free with the condition of upkeep on Airbnb.

The Tiny-home would be on the land and I could stay there. I would have a crafting space/office/dining space. I would want a shower, patio, and space for a guest to sleep. I may have a shed for crafting to but only room for one. I would want a bike trail nearby for outdoor rides. I also want a space to sell my crafts, like a lemonade stand.

Now we are going to talk about the trailer. I could use the trailer instead of the tiny home but I want to travel and give to people around the country who are in need. I want all the same amenities as the tiny-home but more stable storage. I will need a rack for my bike and the pop-out patio. I hope there is room for at least one more person. I want this to feel like a home away from home.

I think to some this may sound a bit greedy but if I only had the trailer for me, the other two could go to family members so they will never be without a place to stay. I remember being unhoused but I don’t think that it would be asking for too much to take care of my family with the money I won and provide housing for them. I hope this prompts you to think outside of the box.

Elevated Denver

One of my current roles is as an Advisory Board Member to Elevated Denver, a new nonprofit in Denver dedicated to finding new solutions to our homelessness crisis. We are focused on humanizing the issue and testing new solutions driven by diverse stakeholders and our homeless neighbors. We are working on Season 2 of the podcast, where you can hear from our unhoused neighbors and local experts, as well as hear about bright spots in the system of support. We are also doing research to understand how clients engage with and move through the system, what needs are and are not being met, and where they are getting stuck. Together these will help inform new solutions. The end goal is a more effective and responsive system that meets peoples’ needs so they can move into stable housing more efficiently.  

I believe in this work and I hope you will consider supporting Elevated Denver for Colorado Gives Day:

NCAB Poetry/Art

These are the art submitted for the Homeless Mortality theme.

This is Diedre’s from Healthcare for the homeless Houston “Change” committee

“Success Can – Pressurized Fortitude”

Karen Adkins from St. Francis Day Shelter

“Krystle Wear”

Kyrstle Yang from The Gathering Place

“Unhoused Face”

Myra from Colorado Coalition for the Homeless CAB

A Plague Tale: Requiem’ Unveils New Story Details (PC, PS5, XSX, Switch) With A New Trailer

Is this a remake of “The last of Us” or a spin off?



PARISSept.27, 2022A Plague Tale: Requiem,the sequel to the critically acclaimedA Plague Tale: Innocenceby Asobo Studio and Focus Entertainment coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®5, PC, and in Cloud Version on Nintendo Switch on October 18, just unveiled new narrative elements in itslatest story trailer.

Story Trailer:

As Amicia and Hugo set out to find a mysterious island in the hope of ending the curse which runs through Hugo’s blood, they find themselves having to rely on the help of the people they meet. Walking into foreign territory, the young de Runes are unlikely to make it alone… but how much trust can they place in strangers? The answer seems as uncertain as the island is beautiful and terrifying.

Thanks to NVIDIA RTX, the most advanced platform for ray tracing and AI technologies, a stunning visual journey awaits PC players.

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Sheila Miller

Sheila was one of the kindest, most caring, and loving people that I know. She was at the top of her game as a crafter and was inspiring. She would give without thought to whoever asked. Her spirit and what she gave to this world should be instilled in everyone.

Sheila loved a clean house. She loved Scubby Doo as her best friend and he loved her back. Sheila cleaned her house on binges. She would spend 2-3 days non-stop cleaning until she couldn’t clean anymore. Then she would rest for a few days. She loved to cook for others, and we enjoyed some of her Menudo and tamales. She had that neighborhood mother mentality. If she was cooking, creating, or whatever, you were going to be a part of it.

Scubby was her protector. Although he loved women of all shapes and sizes, he would get mad and bark at you, if you even looked like you were taking her away. If possible he would smell you from head to toe. He was an awesome companion for her and they belonged together.

As a friend, we would talk on messenger for hours at a time. She befriended my family, especially my mom, site unseen. My mom grabbed a shelf to keep all the wonderful things that Sheila made for her and welcomed more. I was inspired to boost my craft skills to be almost as good as her but I don’t think that will happen. I was blessed to receive gifts from her and be someone that she loved. I will miss her kindness and her love as my friend and sister.

May she rest in peace.