Line Job

I just read an article on how someone made money by standing in line. I would love to start something like that in my area. Concert lines are long but it might help in some ways. There are people who are to busy to stand in lines and now there are people who will do it for you. This is the first time ever, I have heard of this.

This article called “Meet the New York City Dudes Who Will Wait in Line So You Don’t Have to“, published in The Penny Hoarder.  I thought this article was an inspiration to all work from home entrepreneurs. I am sure this gave this person a great start.

His name is Robert Samuel who was fired and fired from a customer service position at a cell phone company and decided to fill a need. His company is called, Same Ole Line Dudes, LLC. New York is a large city with lots of people with limited time and he helped them with the long lines. I would love to assist people with a need here in Denver but at least this story gave me inspiration.

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I am an older woman inspired to not give up on life and to strive in everything I do to achieve my goals. I want a business to run from home. Helping the homeless community in Denver is important to me as well. I like creating videos and blogging about experiences, new information, and lessons learned. I am motivated to put information on the web hoping it will help others. I have two beautiful girls that are grown now and I hope they will be the women I know that is within them. I love technology and the outdoors. I am working on improving my health to live as long as possible. Life is worth living and living to the fullest.

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