God Of War (PS4) Soundtrack Memories Of Mother Full Track


PlayStation has released a video for Mother’s Day showcasing God of War’s soundtrack theme “Memories of Mother”.  The tracks on this just like every God of War are impressive. You should check out the game and the soundtrack.


She is always with us. Happy Mothers Day. Download this track for free at http://godofwar.playstation.com/stori… or download the full official soundtrack composed by Bear McCreary on iTunes and the PlayStation Store, or listen to it on Spotify.

God of War is available now! Visit the official site: http://godofwar.com

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A Challenge

I heard a story about a woman named Lassie. She was a 40-year-old woman who was married with three children. Lassie mother was sick with cancer and was dying. She quit her job to start taking care of her mother. Lassie was suffering from mental conditions and was starting to get bored with the life she was living taking care of her mother. One day she decided to go to the store and as she was leaving the store she saw an older woman leaving the store and needed help loading her car. So Lassie asked the lady can I assist you with loading your car and the lady stated yes you can do this every week. So Lassie started helping this woman every week with loaner car with groceries and then figured out why was this lady always loading her car with groceries. So, one day she asks the lady what is all this food for. The lady stated that the food was for a food pantry that was created to help feed the homeless and that a lot of people were getting the food for food banks/pantries this food away.

Urban Rest Stops

I have been thinking that this would be awesome for the homeless since they are banned from sleeping outside. They have limited places to keep their possessions. They have limited places to shower and use bathrooms. If I could help, I would find an efficient way to store personal belongs, a public restroom which included showers.

Saint Frances has an efficient way to exchange clothing, do chores twice a day. You can shower and use the restrooms too! This is a day shelter but most day shelters are strategically placed to keep the homeless away from most people. A traveling shower and restroom on certain days would make it more convenient. The traveling laundry trucks are the most ingenious idea I have heard of. What if there were a traveling restroom and shower during those days too, then the homeless could get all of those basic needs met.

I have found that people are scared of the homeless, but they do not understand that most of them have mental issues which cause them to not bath or work on their conditions. Some will recognize their issues and start to work on them as they are on their way to not being homeless but most will stay homeless because they can not see what is happening to them.

I hope for the homeless sake that they may get some urban rest stops to help them deal with their situation. Please comment with your thoughts!


Source: Urban Rest Stops

Denver Government Trying to Throw People in Jail for Survival Ban via Probation 

This would be easy to avoid if the city of Denver would have a small lot for the winter set up for the “Camping Ban” to avoid court fees and money/time wasted. The Tiny Homes community will help some but there should be a small lot just for the winter in every city just for the winter.

Denver Homeless Out Loud

Denver Government Trying to Throw People in Jail for Survival Ban via Probation

When: August 24th 2017 at 8:30am

Where: Lindsey Flanagan Court House (520 W Colfax Ave, Denver CO 80204)

On August 24th 2017 at 8:30am Terese Howard will go to court to face a sentencing of 30 days in jail for the urban survival ban (otherwise known as “camping ban”). On April 5th 2017 Jerry Burton, Randy Russell, and Terese Howard were found guilty of surviving in public after a high profile 3 day trial with a jury that said things like “Why are we prosecuting people for being homeless?” and “I’ll bear a sense of guilt in prosecuting them,” and where the city prosecution said “you know it is illegal to survive in Denver.” For Terese, however, this was not the end of sentencing for this “crime” of lying in a sleeping bag as she was…

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This Blog and Contents

This blog may have been originally for things I thought people wanted to know about. I then thought I would post things about my website and share them on here. I finally thought that I could use this site to help improve my writing skills to eventually write a book or something I could make money from. I think now I should do all of the above.

I have a separate blog on #Blogger that I use for interesting stories. I post them here with a link to the original blog because I want to get comments from #WordPress users as well as share them on my social media. That blog is called Myra’s Crazy Blog because there is no consistency to what I write other than unexpected stories. I want to use that blog to see how generating income from Blogger would work. I am not sure yet because I just started posting on a regular basis.

I think this is a wonderful place to make posts that I can get feedback from all types of readers, including experienced writers. I took the blogging course on WordPress to help me learn about posting. I know that some of my classmates were really awesome writers but wasn’t too familiar with the social media aspect of writing. I know that I will eventually get the feedback I need with the posts I put here.

I created a website earlier this month to start upcycling some clothing that I have laying around my home. I wanted to make some things that wouldn’t take much time but will be well needed in the economy today. I also wanted to create so products that could be used for the homeless or by the homeless. Let me explain, I wanted to make a travel kit that homeless people could use but I wanted it to be an option for the customer to buy to distribute themselves or donate the funds for me to distribute the product for the homeless. I wanted my products to be limited at first and then eventually offer homeless people the option of making money with creating some on their own. I wanted to post about that on this blog to give people an idea about the site since this blog is named after the site.

Now I feel that I can do all of the about above. I will post about my other blog to share those posts that can be shared on my personal social media. I will just do a little writing, like this to get opinions from readers/ writers that love to help with beginner writers. I will also post about my website adventures and how the process is progressing. I think I will benefit from all of these post here on this blog.

I would like to thank all the readers that commented on their opinions in advance. I would also like to show my appreciation to all the writers that gave wonderful advice that will help me in becoming a better writer. Please feel free to leave your comment on any of my social media places as well as on the blog. Have a wonderful day!

Little Vietnamese Man

I was waiting by the bus stop to meet a friend for breakfast. This little old man came up to me and said hello. His eyes were leveled with my breast, so of course, he kept looking at them. He asked where I worked twice, and I told him twice I go to school. I told him I lived at the building down the street. He asked if I was single. Then he asked,” It’s been a long time without boyfriend?”. I said a few months.  Continue reading ….

Creative Recycling

Recycling Everyday Items

I started getting emails that showed me how to recycle toilet paper rolls, then something in my head said recycle everything you can that you throw away. I first thought of how I have old clothes that have holes or doesn’t fit. I figured I can search the web to find a way to recycle them. Everyone always has cardboard around the house, we could use it for art or find another creative way to keep it. I have also seen old coffee canisters reused as storage. So my way of giving back to the planet is to recycle/ reuse mostly because of the lack of funds and the environment.

Things In The Recycle Bin

We are told by local government and the news to recycle plastics, aluminum, cardboard, and paper to say the least. Continue reading…


Time For A Change

Chacalits Stuff name and tagline

I decided that it is time to start my business from home. I have been talking about this for years but when I heard some news about #Trump getting rid of subsidized housing, I realize my situation may change at any moment. I have a dual diagnosis and it makes it hard to complete goals, work, and sometimes function. I can’t wait for these things to improve I have to start now!

I have started with making neck soothers (neck wraps). They are made with rice and scented oils. You can use them hot or cold. I want to also add some bags to the site. Everyone is starting to bring their own bags to the store or Continue Reading


My Carnival Cruise Experience

A friend of mine set up a cruise for her husband’s birthday. She invited lots of people talked to a Carnival representative to set up the whole trip. Most people use travel agents or separate companies to schedule a cruise and airfare. My friend had little experience with using other sources so it makes sense to utilize a well-known company for their expertise to schedule with them. The trip was to go from Long Beach to Catalina Island and stop at Ensenada, Mexico then return.

The representative from Carnival name “J” handled everything and assured her that he was capable of making everything happen for her. He said he could answer all her questions and all she needed to do is to pay at the deadline and all things would be assume. She advised him that she had two children that she was bringing on the trip and he assured her that as long as the children didn’t get off the boat there were no documents needed for them.

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Near Death Experience

Some days just staying alive is a miracle. Almost getting hit by a car is very close to death experience. Seeing someone a few days prior to their death can feel like being in the proximity the occurrence. Hearing that someone knew someone that took their own life can be near death. Having someone die in you home can be too close to death. I think this is an experience that can be interpreted in lots of different ways but the key is that you are still alive.

Last night I went out to buy some snacks from the drugstore across the street. I crossed half the street to the median. I looked and it seemed the cars were far enough away to continue across. As I stepped out I could hear the roaring of the engine getting closer to me so I picked up my pace. As I stepped onto the curb the truck sped passed me and turned into the parking lot of the drugstore. The truck slowed down enough not to leave tire marks or smoke. Right behind the truck was a police car. The police left tire marks. I went into the store fully of fear, excitement, and nervousness. I walked in talking about the experience with the employees. I passed the aisle I was to turn down then turned around and started to pass it again. One of the employees tried to calm me by saying, “Take your turn, there is no hurry”. I did take a deep breath but was still shaken. I finally grabbed the bag of candy and headed to the register. I had brought the wrong amount, I was short five cents. The same employee paid for it.

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