One day I am hanging with some friends at a bar. I see an extremely attractive guy there. He had been drinking a bit too much. He ran to the restroom and when he returned I noticed he had forgotten to remove his outer garments. I then realized I had to go to the restroom. Obviously, I had forgotten to lock the door because the drunk guy came in. Luckily, I had¬†finished and washing my hands. He made advances but he wasn’t standing good and I immediately ran out of the restroom. He ordered drinks for everyone.

While we were toasting to things we couldn’t understand, he grabbed his keys and said his good-byes. That is when it hit me! I had a vision of him driving home, but hitting a tree and dying. I saw it so clearly that it made me jump. So being scared of the vision, I decided to act on it. I will advise people never to do this.

I followed him out to his car while ignoring the advice of my friends to leave him alone. I try to convince him to let me take him home, but he wanted his car. So I opted to drive his car. This was a big mistake. He made references to driving his stick-drive car. This was a ten-minute drive, but he was able to strip his clothes off during the drive. In his driveway, I know that if a car came I could just jump out and go down the street. Unfortunately, he didn’t care and started following me down the street. What made him stop was I started to run because I knew drunk people don’t like to run drunk.

I just made a post about something similar I wrote called, “Running the Streets“. I started writing this post first because of yesterday’s events. This happened about five years ago, but I have learned my lesson on not to help men in need. I think my¬†weakness of wanting to help people causes me to put myself in dangerous issues. By the way, I called my friends to just come pick me up.