Juneteenth Festival

Here are a couple of the things I sold at the festival. Most of them are under my products page.

Ella Blast

This is an 8×10 print of the original art.

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This is one of four images for my note cards. This is my art print on cards for sale. They are 4 about 4 X 6 in size. Click the link for purchase.

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I learned a lot from this event. You need to keep cash whether you want it or not. Always carry business cards. Also, set up a clear inventory sheet to keep track of sales. Get a better-organized way to display your items. Have a separate storage container for your items. A co-artist suggested, “freeze a bottle of water the night before”, I thought that was helpful too. Then remember that everyone has their own selling style.


My plan for my life is to have a house, to have my own business, and be happy helping others. The house would have two bedrooms, a basement, front yard, and back yard. My business could be selling my home-made products, technology tutoring, or content creator. I love helping people with problems, issues, or relationships. My plans haven’t worked as planned.

My House

I wanted a two bedroom for guests and myself.I would turn the living room into a partial office. Nowadays you don’t need a full office to function a full-time business. The basement would be the woman cave. I would have chairs that can be used for the theater or just video games. I might even have a pool table. The front yard I would have minimum grass but plenty of room for some type of shrubbery. The back yard would have a small garden, a sectioned area for the dog. In fact, I would have a customed built doghouse so the dog can be outside year round.of, course if it gets too cold I would have a spot in the garage for him because I hate hair all over the place. I would always decorate during the holidays.

I haven’t reached a conceivable income to buy a house. I may be able to get a two bedroom townhouse or condo. I keep forgetting which one has no yard. I could have the guest room and partial office. I can still decorate with wreaths on the holidays. I can get this small home if I want to by working really hard.

3 bed with basment

My Business 

I tried lots of different business ventures. I have tried selling Avon several times. I think it won’t be a part of the future like Tupperware, which I did too. I have done Amway and some others like that.I keep the Avon for me and my family to reorder  products we like. I have found out these types don’t work towards my plan.

I am trying content creation right now doing videos and blogging. The problem I am having is that you have to work on a schedule so that your content is consistent. I basically post about two to three videos a month when I should at least post at least once a week. I just started this blogging thing, but I haven’t quite figured out the right kind of content. I know most content creators do both.

I have had my sewing machine for a couple of years but haven’t really sewed anything. I love headbands. I wear them all the time and would like to create my own for sell. Also, I would like to redesign so clothing I get that is donated. I have the time to make plenty of things that I could give to people in need. I can get the sewing going by doing small projects, like headbands, then work my way up to larger items. I would love some suggestions.

Technology is really fun and exciting to me. People usually call me if they need help with their phone or computer. I have thought of consulting on a regular basis with clients that need continuous help. I have set up tutoring for free with neighbors, but they tend to take up hours at a time. I also create invoices and do research for the neighbors, of course, for free, but I thought of offering that as a service too. I love technology so much that I watch a three-hour radio show to learn more about it. I would love to do something with this.


There was a time in my life when I did a lot of relationship counseling. My friends would as advice from me. Once it was given, they would see the results and keep coming back. I set up a relationship blog, but I had no takers. I also give advice on relaxation and stress relief. I am not the expert, but I usually don’t stress or get mad. I have my technology as number one, next is Disney movies (they usually help),  if that doesn’t work, I will go somewhere that is calming. The idea is to clear your mind so that you can revisit the issues separately later.

Being homeless previously, I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t get the help they need. When I was going to school, I had to write an argument essay. It was about a problem with people getting additional assistance and a way to deliver it. My solution was a website that workers, clients, and volunteers could access and submit information. I haven’t created it because I need assistance combining the website with data. I had a resource page on one my websites, but that would not solve the problem. I know there are issues all over the country, but I would like to start small scale.


I believe I can find a resource online to walk me through how to set up a plan for each individual thought. I have looked into similar websites and site to help with creating a website for my city. It is a project by itself. As for a business, once I have made a good decision on which one I feel I can do for the rest of my life, I have an application for it. I have looked into the small home because I have been living in the for a few years and it is just starting to feel like home. Also, I need the income to start piling up first.


Working at Home

Work From Home

I wrote this blog on one my other blogs because there was an advertisement in it. I am not sure how ads work on here and I am not sure if this is what I want for this blog. I do want to talk about the post.

Work from home, work at home, work at home moms, and others like this are terms that I have seen all over the net. I believe this is the new norm for people. Working at brick and mortar places may end due to this technology age where you use web conferencing and Skype calls to handle most of your business. I have seen purchases made on tablets and smartphones. Of course, you can put payment buttons in emails or websites from companies like Paypal.

I do some freelancing and contractor work from time to time. I also sell items on eBay and on my website too. I have this blog and I vlog on YouTube as well, but I haven’t quite found anything that will bring in a residual income that I am satisfied with.

I am an Avon rep, but that is really hard work with no car and limited friends that have the same situation. Don’t get me wrong, I remember a few years ago when I had a car and a good paying job I did thrive pretty well until it was too hard for one person to handle. I like the products and the business, but it was setup for you to visit clients at their home to deliver books, take their orders, and deliver their orders. This consists of three visits to their home per transaction. Most of the customers don’t do the internet or electronic devices so it won’t help someone like me out.

I want something where I can do something simple, make a little money, and help others out too. I would love to find something that isn’t a pyramid setup or referral program. Now they call them affiliate programs. These are okay, but you still doing the same thing, you can get residual income by bringing people in as customers or as affiliates. One day I will get a handle on it.


bitcoin wallets

What is Bitcoin?

My understanding is that this is a form of currency not connected to banks and you don’t need credit for it. You get a wallet for the bitcoin and choose a secure place for the wallet. You can use your tablet, computer, or smartphone. All you do is send it from peer to peer.

Which Wallet to Use?

I went to Bitcoin and found there are lots to wallets to choose from. I think I have here of one of them, but this system is new to me. I want to participate in this system to get money, but you need to trust the company you get the wallet from. You need to know details of how long they have been working and if there have been any issues.

Which Device?

I use my desktop a lot. I have lost my laptop so I can’t use that. I do have a couple of smartphones. My problem with using my smartphone is that I have lent it out several times. I would have to change my swipe code and other security measures. It probably is time to do that anyway.


There is a lot of information to learn about this new system for currency. I need to find out which wallet, what device to use, and decide whether to use this for my business or not. I am new to this, hopefully, I can find someone that knows more about this.