Who Are You Lying To?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth Serum.”

Who Could Use Some Truth Serum?

I have realized some time ago that everyone lies. The problem is some people don’t really know who they are lying to. I think lying to someone about things you are afraid of them knowing is more lying to yourself about how confident you are about it.


He thinks that he is awesome and that everyone should just trust everything he says. Although, plenty of things he says is for his own purpose not for the people seeking his advice. He also thinks he understands how people subject to a different class are living a more fulfilling life because they aren’t experiencing the pleasure of having everything they want at the snap of their fingers. It is hard to understand the experience of a class on an economic scale through the eyes of someone else. To walk in someone else’s shoes, you must also change your way of thinking too!


He thinks that if you say something like people he has experienced in the past you must be lying too. After you have said something to him, he will ask questions that insinuate you are lying and then he will say he isn’t accusing you just asking to better understand the situation. Finally, he will start getting upset whenever the subject is talked about and give sarcastic comments reflecting his disbelief. He will never directly ask if you are lying or if this is true, he will keep the up for years to come. Is he creating a lie to have animosity towards?  Would he love to use this “Truth Serum”?

My thing is that I believe I lie not intentionally because I am afraid to hurt people’s feelings. I know that my feelings should be considered in these circumstances. I am working on not ignoring my feelings when talking to people about myself or the things I do. I do want to hurt anyone else’s feeling, but I must be true to myself. We have an obligation to respect ourselves by not changing who we are to satisfy other people’s thoughts on what we do. Let’s start with asking ourselves, is this the truth or is this what someone else wants to hear.

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I am an older woman inspired to not give up due to life struggles and to strive in everything I do to achieve my goals. I work from home with creating different art pieces. Helping the homeless community in Denver is important to me as well. I like being creative and posting on my blogging about experiences, new information, and lessons learned. I am motivated to put information on the web hoping it will help others. I have two beautiful girls that are grown now and I hope they will be the women I know that is within them. I love technology and the outdoors. I am improving my health to live as long as possible. Life is worth living and living to the fullest.

6 thoughts on “Who Are You Lying To?”

  1. Interesting post, thank you for sharing.

    When it comes to other people’s feelings and yet our very own integrity, I think the balance can exist if we understand that everything we are feeling does not have to be spoken. I do not have to pretend my friend’s dress is pretty when it is not. Or in this case, lie about it. But instead of telling her its ugly maybe instead I will suggest another one. Or perhaps I’ll explain that this particular dress is just not for her. People can pick up on when something is not good so my friend will pick up on the fact that the dress is not pretty without me saying its atrocious and hurting her feelings.

    On the other hand, sometimes you just have to tell people like it is: “Girl that dress is ugly” lol. But it depends on that person. One of my sister’s are more sensitive than the other. My twin is very sensitive so I will probably suggest another dress whereas my older sister say whatever is on her mind so I’ll just tell her the dress is ugly. So in short I think its all in our ability to reach people where they are. In this way, lying is not really necessary.


    1. Thanks for your response. I have been allowing people to control some things and I have lied about things because of it but only to myself. I realize that I am not being true to myself or to them so I am done with that.


      1. Without telling it all..after a seizure and terrible fall down a flight of steps back in 2007..I had a series of issues with my anxiety, emotions, and more. So, I see a counselor from time to time. I to have some of the same issues of not wanting to hurt people’s feelings and other things you mentioned. They always say to think things through before you speak. I’ve made this a major excercise even though sometimes people are so in the wrong..but I still use it to not make things so much worse. This can also be applied to you and your issues. Like the old saying “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”.


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