Survive! Mr. Cube: ADG Review

I think this will be up to my speed. Great looking game.


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Survive! Mr. Cube is out now on all consoles. Previously released on PS4 and now available on Nintendo Switch this game from Intragames brings a “rogue-like” gameplay action to gamers that experience. Similar to survival and “Dark Soul” like games you will be challenge cause if you die you lose everything but your gold.


I know some of you are thinking especially if you read my piece on Conan: Exiles that this isn’t my type of game. It isn’t but I give everything a good go before I speak on it and I always remain open and true to gamers of all types.

Controls on Survive! Mr. Cube is probably the best thing going about the game. Very easy to get down. This is also very useful for someone who may not be usually good at survival games.

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The problem comes with the gameplay and the massive…

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